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Another tutorial: fondant purse

In the end I decided to make a coordinated purse for my sister in law’s birthday.

his time I didn’t follow any tutorial I found on the internet but did it all on my own… as it’s the first purse I ever made please be gentle and forgiving with me. I warn you right away: there are a few misteakes here and there. But anyway all these products have the same destiny: it’s a conforting thought they’ll all be eaten!

So, down here I’ll link the purse pattern my love made for me, following my instructions. You’ll be needing it to carve the cake in a purse shape and you’ll also use it to cut the fondant for the purse flap.

purse pattern and flap

As I didn’t have much time, I used ready-made bought cake also considering this purse is only a decoration on top of my sister in law’s cake and it’s not so important for it to be particularly tasty. First step is to carve the purse’s body out of your cake using the paper pattern:

I read on the internet that when you carve a cake it’s good practice to freeze it beforehand to make the cutting easier and to avoid problems with crumbs. In this case, as I said, I had too little time and I didn’t freeze it and I must admit that I had quite a few crumbs but they weren’t too much trouble.

Once the cake was carved, you have to cut the corners away and round them out. You cut a 45° cut and then gently carve away the excess cake.

Now comes the part I hate the most: nutella cream coating (and this time also nutella cream stuffing as I didn’t have time to make homemade cream).

Since this cake was rather small, I usedd a spoon to even out my nutella cream but in the picture I put my silicone spreader that I usually use for my larger cakes.
There is a good reason I hate this part…

…and it’s this!

Now you need to cover the cake with fondant. This time it’s better not to make it too thin but mine, being rather old, was too tough and it was no easy thing to have it cover the cake smoothly. If it had been softer maybe I would not have had to cut out the excess fondant.

To cut out the excess and smooth the fondant on the cake I accidentally stained my fondant with nutella, this shouldn’t happen. As for the edges, that’s not an issue as they will be covered by the finishing accents.

We now need to add a few details: on the purse there are some seams and I made mine using a toothpick but sooner or later I’ll get the gear wheel (when I find it) that is just perfect for that kind of decoration!

Now you need to get the flap ready. Since the purse had to complete the shoe I already made, I decided, that to have them coordinated, the flap and the finishing touches would be wisteria color just like the little flower I put on the shoe.

The flap too needs to be a little thick and so I used my purple spacer on the Wilton rolling pin that corresponds to a 1/4 of inch thickness. You use the pattern I linked at the beginning and you cut the fondant with a sharply edged knife.

Once you made the flap you’ll only need to add the seams, made with the toothpick you used on the purse, and a little dent where you’ll glue (with a little water) a small silver sugar pearl that will be the button on your purse and that will coordinate with the small flower on the shoe. I then layed the flap on the purse to see how it looked… watch out! it’s not yet time to glue it!

Time to finish out the edges and cover up the places where the fondant joins. I begun with the base of the purse but as I look back, to have a cleaner look, I should have started with the laterals. I had the idea AFTER I did the bottom so I’ll keep it for next time!! 😛

I now have the chance of showing what I mean when I speak of a hand shaped cylinder or a  smoother shaped cylinder. Much better than the approximately  one thousand words I used to explain it previously… eh eh.

I think you notice the difference on how the surface of the two cylinders is smooth and regular. Once you made your cylinder using the smoother you glue it at the bottom of the purse with a dab of water.

To finish the edges I made four stripes that would go over the parts where the white fondant joined.

Now that the finishing touches are on, you can glue the flap on the purse.

Another wisteria cylinder, just a  little bit thicker than the others, to make the handle and two small white cylinders to finish it out.

My fondant was quite dry and the handle stayed up on its own but if it had been a little bit fresher and softer I would have had to use some paper to hold it up in the right position and when it had dryed out I would have had to take the paper out (just as I did for the upper part of the shoe).

The last details are the small decorations that recall the small flower on the shoe and the coco chanel logo (as I already explained in the shoe post).



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