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A third tutorial – baby converse step by step

A collegue of mine has had twins and he’s going to christen them in a short while…we’re at the close of the school year and final evaluations are looming up: I could only do a small thing but I wanted to do a little something anyway.

It’s been a while I’ve intended to put up a tutorial on how to do a fondant baby converse shoe that I made both for my  small one’s birthday and for another child’s  christening.

First of all a little surfing on the net… and there you have it, the template for the little shoe (along with a million other more or less). I’m linking it right here and straight away telling you that I rescaled it by 150%. The shoes I got are still rather small (which makes them harder to work).

baby converse

First step you rescale your template to the desired size, you print it out and you color your fondant either blue or pink depending on what color of shoe you want to do. In my case, since the twins are a boy and a girl I did one of each color.

1_Templato e pasta colorata.ridimensionata

(pictures are a little out of focus, but I didn’t have time do fuss up with camera settings)

The pieces that are numbered 1 (and 2 is the same), 3, 5, 6, should be cut out in colored fondant.

2_pezzi colorati tagliati.ridimensionata

Whereas the pieces numbered 4, 11 and 9 should be cut out in white.

3_pezzi bianchi tagliati.ridimensionata

After all the pieces have been cut out it’s time to put in a little detail: seams and holes for shoelaces. I used some tools you see in the picture but it can easily be done with a toothpick too.


With a little water I glued the two lateral pieces (numbered with 1 and 2) to the sole and again using a dab of water I had them stick together at the back.

5_montaggio laterali.ridimensionata

6_chiusura dietro.ridimensionata

I added the front piece helping myself out with some paper to give the shoe its shape.

7_linguetta davanti.ridimensionata

On the front part you need to add a white semicircle having the diameter touch the laterals.

8_pezzo bianco davanti.ridimensionata

You can also cut out a little of the excess white because it will be larger than the sole (this is going to happen especially if you’re making a small shoe).
We can now put in the back seam to cover up where the two laterals come together.

9_cucitura dietro.ridimensionata

Finishing touches for the sole: first around the front….

10_suola davanti.ridimensionata

…and then around the rest of the shoe.

11_suola tutto intorno.ridimensionata

The last detail to finish our little shoe are the laces: easy as can be, you just roll out some fondant “worms” and put them on with a little water.


Here are the finished shoes:

13_scarpette finite

14_scarpette finite 2.ridimensionata

15_scarpette finite 3.ridimensionata



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